By appointment with Nicole Stone
Personalized Qigong are private, individually-tailored Qigong movement classes. Qigong Healing Sessions are gentle hands-on treatments designed to balance and rejuvenate your body and spirit.
$30 for 30 minutes / $60 for one hour.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit Nicole's website at


By appointment with Margaret Dubin Ph.D., RYT 200
$75 for a 50 Minute Private Session

Between the playful stretch of partner yoga, the deep healing of Reiki and other energy modalities, and the informed movement of physical therapy lies Thai Yoga Therapy, also known as assisted yoga. Thai Yoga Therapy sessions are personalized to each client’s needs and designed to support the body’s own healing systems by increasing circulation, clearing energetic blockages, promoting myofascial release, and regulating the breath. New clients should plan to spend an hour at the initial session to complete a health questionnaire and discuss needs and goals. Other services such as nutritional consulting and guided meditation are offered upon request.

Margaret’s training and experience includes Thai yoga therapy, Reiki, Lomi Lomi (traditional Native Hawaiian healing modality), traditional Native American traditional healing practices (Navajo and Pomo), guided meditation, nutrition, physical therapy, and trauma-informed yoga.  

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please email Margaret at or message her through her website,, or Facebook page, Yoga for All.

Excerpt of a review (Facebook): “Margaret has a highly personalized teaching style, paying close attention to people’s varying abilities so that everyone feels their own self empowerment. She was able to dig deeper than superficial aches and pains of our bodies when going through the different yoga poses, and took special attention of our psyche and internal, emotional pains too. She is first and foremost a healer. A very dedicated, kind and generous healer.”



One-on-one instruction is especially useful if you want to deepen your practice, develop a home practice, or if you have health concerns or injuries. See our Teachers page for contact information and set up a private lesson or series with the teacher of your choice.
24-hour cancellation policy applies.


with Jason Braverman, KJN
By Appointment

Comprehensive self-defense system includes stretching and breathing exercises followed by basic hand strikes, basic kicks, combination kicks, joint-locks and pressure points, break-falls, empty-hand forms, and for advanced students, traditional weapon use and forms all taught in a safe and friendly environment. Suitable for ages 8 and up. For schedule, drop-in and monthly rates, please contact Jason at KJMSOFALAMEDA@GMAIL.COM